Personalized, result-oriented, engaging process
focuses on the essentials and ensures implementation of the goals

Unique material
creates a clear structure to your development process and enables self-paced learning and implementation at your workplace

Experienced, trained Leadership Developer
raises awareness and ensures progress in development

Personal leadership, Change management and Measureable results

We are your strategic partner in personal and organizational leadership and management development. Leadership development is not an event or a project, but rather a continuous, ongoing process. For leadership development to be effective, it must utilize an integrated and total development process. We are bridging the gap between potential and performance.

Modern supervisor coaching improves leadership at all organizational levels

Everyone needs to show leadership in the organizations of today. The most successful organizations are those that recognize the need for every employee to lead; both themselves and others. When people are able to lead, they take on responsibilities, are empowered to be creative and energetic and achieve successful results.

The Total Leader® concept is based on the organizations’ need to develop the leadership skills of all employees

The best and total leaders excel in all key areas of leadership: personal productivity, personal leadership, motivational leadership and strategic leadership.

Our concept consists of four development programs that all are concrete and based on real-life experience. These programs enable you and your organization to achieve measurable results and permanent transformation in key areas of leadership. Focusing on the essentials, progressive realization of clear goals and continuous learning are fundamental to our motivating process.


Increase productivity and well-being at work with LMI concepts

LMI Finland is for busy leaders and organizations desiring to advance and develop. We recognize that long days spent in conferences and training sessions do not deliver the desired ROI on your time and money. We approach leadership development differently. We offer continuous learning within your own work by focusing on the essentials. Our goal-directed process brings tangible results by increasing productivity and securing step by step execution.

Effective Personal Productivity®

Planning, productivity, time management

Clear goals, priorities and progressive realization
Time management through focusing on the essentials
Productive communication
Team engagement
Team productivity


Effective Personal Leadership®

Authentic personal leadership and accountability

Building on strengths, values and improving self-image
Clear vision, goals and implementation
Self-confidence and motivation
Work-life balance
Communication skills and leading others


Effective Motivational Leadership®

Developing and leading committed teams

Clear vision and communication
Leading change and innovation
Understanding people and gaining commitment
Building productive teams


The Total Leader® -konsepti

Effective Strategic Leadership®

Defining and leading an effective strategy

Clear purpose (why you exist)
Strategic assessment (where you stand now)
Clear plan for development (where you want to go)
Implement the plan of action (making the strategy happen)


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