What our customers say about us:

”My sales have doubled because I plan better and my sales meetings are much more productive.”

”Our productivity has increased by an average of 20%. Our motivation is high and our communication has greatly improved.”

”I have learned that the keys to my own success and well-being are in my own hands for the most part.”

“We work just as many hours as before, but we have achieved much more.”

Planning, productivity, time management

  • Personal productivity
  • Clear goals, priorities and progressive realization
  • Time management through focusing on the essentials
  • Productive communication
  • Team engagement 
  • Team productivity

Productivity is the foundation of success

The pace of the business world continues to accelerate and competition is relentless. Accurate prioritization and communication are essential for maintaining a competitive edge and for achieving success. Increased productivity propels continuous growth and development and results in professional pride in a job well done.

Keys to productivity

Personal productivity is about managing one’s own time and being able to prioritize in order to achieve the best possible results.

The program is a conscious and goal-oriented development process that strengthens your organizational, planning and communication skills, thus affecting the ability of you and your team to achieve maximum results.

You will achieve more in the same amount of time.

Focus on the essentials in your work environment

During an engaging process, you will work through your real-life situations and challenges and find new perspectives and solutions. You will implement goals, plans and insights step by step. You will grow simultaneously with your tasks.

You will improve productivity and build on your existing experience and strengths by focusing on areas most important to you. The unique substance of our programs, proven to produce results, creates a clear structure for your development process.

An experienced LMI Leadership Developer provides you with personal support and guidance. We use several different methods (coaching, mentoring, consulting and multi-sensory learning) and challenge you to make the necessary changes.

Permanent results

Change takes time — start today for early pay-off.   Contact us!

With sufficient time to process habits, behavior and attitudes, you will achieve measurable changes and permanent results. Therefore, the recommended length for the program is 4–6 months. Your progress will be followed and measured during the whole process.

For whom

The program is suitable for leaders, managers, sales personnel and experts in groups or individually. The program is designed and delivered to meet the goals and development needs of the organization and the participant.

Effective Personal Productivity® process

  • Evaluation and goal setting with the participant’s superior/HR
  • Interview and personal goal setting with each participant
  • 4–6 one-on-one coaching sessions, addressing the themes of the program and working with participants’ real-life situations and challenges
  • Unique material for each participant: thought-provoking theory, management self-assessments and a template for your own Plan of Action
  • Support from your Leadership Developer throughout the process
  • Midterm and end-of-course evaluations
  • Follow-up meeting approx. 3 months after the process
  • Necessary discussions with the superior/HR

Thought-provoking text in both readable and listenable formats.
Material available in both physical and online versions and in several languages.
The program also works well as remote coaching through MS Teams/Zoom.

Investment costs

From 4,200 euros + VAT

The cost for a group/group coaching is based on the number of the participants.


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