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Leadership Management® International, or LMI®, is a world pioneer in personalized and motivational leadership development. LMI® began as a vision in the mind of a self-motivated man known for his ability to transform ideas into goals and goals into results.

A world pioneer in leadership development

Paul J. Meyer held the firm belief that all people, regardless of their gender, personality, social standing, or level of education, could develop the necessary characteristics to achieve and live a lifetime of success. Meyer founded Success Motivation® Institute, Inc. in 1960 and Leadership Management® International in 1966 with the purpose of Developing leaders and organizations to their full potential.

These companies brought into reality Meyer’s dream of providing practical, effective materials to help people achieve their goals and enjoy greater success.

For six decades, LMI® has been improving businesses, helping organizations develop the talents and abilities of their key employees, and increasing productivity and corporate profit.

Today, LMI® is helping organizations in 90 countries develop the talents and abilities of their key employees and increasing productivity and corporate profit. Over 200,000 client organizations are using our programs, which are translated into 30 languages.

We are convinced that we will not only fulfill your expectations, but also surprise you with the new skills you will develop along the journey.

LMI Finland

LMI Finland was founded in 1990 for Finnish leaders and organizations desiring growth and development. LMI Finland operates in over 10 locations and our customers include international corporations as well as small, local organizations.

Our experienced LMI Leadership Developers are the cornerstone of our services. We have multifaceted experience in numerous industries and in businesses of various sizes. Our confidence is based on our wide local and international leadership experience. We solve demanding challenges through experience and vision.

At LMI®, we believe people are an organization’s greatest resource.

The quality of our services is guaranteed both in Finland and internationally

We are often a long-term partner for our customers. As a result of our structured process and thanks to our experienced Leadership Developers, our customers will always receive the same quality service, no matter where they are located. We stay up-to-date through continuous education and cooperate closely within our team.

Our international customers benefit from our global network.

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